Snowy Adventure Day 4 (Cont)

Well I had a great day looking at everything and there was so much interesting places to look at.

little holland 3
one of the trams than runs around town
little holland 6
Was he just looking or was he going in?

Walking around everyone I spoke to was really friendly and were more than willing to let me take their photograph.

dutch ladies

people 1

and I saw some lovely sights including an American Embassy

american embasey

A clog seller.


A windmill, well after all this is little Holland.

little holland 4

It seems a popular place for German Tourists too.


Well after a day walking round my feet were worn out so I had a lovely meal in this koffieshop

meal time

Then I made my way to my Hotel and planned for my dat tomorrow before drifting off into sleep.


Snowy Adventure Day 4

As I walked around this town I quickly realised there was something seriously wrong here.  I am used to photographing beautiful things but here it was totally different.  It seems to have been taken over by unspeakable beings from another world who have wiped out any civilisation that once lived here.


bad 1

bad 2

bad 3

bad 4

bad 5

bad 6

bad 7

bad 8

bad 9

There was an ice rink that I was going to have a go on but I was so scared by this time, I ran as fast as I could back to the airport and to get away from this place as fast as possible.

I was shaking all over as I climbed into my helicopter and had trouble keeping my emotions in check.  What had happened here?  where are all the people who once lived here, were they all turned into zombies like the one I had seen?  All these thoughts were running through my head.  Then I remembered I was doing a travel blog so pulled myself together and headed off to my next destination.  This was a group of sims under the main heading of Chamonix City.

Before reaching there however I spotted below me the town of Little Holland community in the Braggiani sim

Landing my helicopter on the helicopter pad on top of a building there I made my way down some stairs to enter the main square.

little holland 1

briggiani 2


Seeing with a sigh of relief that everyone was normal here and with my nerves still in tatters I decided to spend the rest of the day here exploring and find a hotel to spend this evening.

More of this lovely looking place in my next installment.

Snowy Adventure Day 3

I woke early and went down for a hearty breakfast with the crew.  An amazing thing happened.  I’ll let you into a secret, I used to be a member of the coastguard and while talking to the Commander of the station I told him about my time as a district commander and about being a qualified coastguard pilot.  Well to my amazement he offered me the loan of one of their helicopters to continue my journey.  Well naturally I was overjoyed, as to be honest trudging through deep snow for hours on end soon loses it’s appeal.

After breakfast he got one of the crew to put out a small helicopter for me to use and I climbed in and familiarised myself with the controls once again.  The helicopter is a MD500 made by Spijkers and Wingtips and is available on Market Place for only 1 Linden  You can get them in various textures.  The one I’m in is a special rescue texture for the coastguard.

heli 1

Before I left here though I went to look at the Lava gallery which is close by and was told was worth a visit.



Inside was a splendid exhibition of artifacts and fine art, most of which you can purchase.  I had such fun pushing over the dominoes and watching them tumble.  Strange the little things that make us smile.

lava 2

lava 3

However it was soon time to get going and my first stop would be a tiny township called Arosa.  When I checked my maps and saw that the route was going to take me over some huge mountains I was a bit concerned, however I needn’t have worried..

heli 2

Having safely got over those I increased the throttle and soon landed at Arosa.


This is indeed a tiny village in the middle of nowhere but boasted a bank.


A shop selling toy mice.


And even its own church.

church a

You can see how cold it is here by the icicles hanging down.

church b

Inside though was all peace and calm with beautiful stain glass windows and with the clear cold sunshine streaming through looked magnificent.

church c

Where to next?  Looking on the map I saw a fairly large town called Loon so I went to see what was there.  It even had its own airport where I landed.


A short walk away was this penguin trying to sell me an igloo.


Politely refusing and walking quickly on I arrived in town.  Feeling little hungry I went into Franks Cafe which is right opposite the airport and ate a hearty lunch.


Franks 2

There is so much to see here that I decided to spend the night here and booked myself into some lodgings in town and went to explore.  More of this tomorrow.

My Snowy adventure continues

Day 2

I disembarked from the boat packed my  Adams backpack and got on my mobile and arranged for someone to collect the boat as I wouldn’t need it again on this trip.


I really at this point, should have hurried to the coastguard station I had been told about when I set off.  I had it located on my map and I could have been there within a few hours.  However! as I set off I came across this ski lift and a promise of free skis and boots.  What girl could avoid such a tempting offer.  If you want to try this for yourself here is the location:

ski lift

Well this girl couldnt and I was soon sat in the ski lift chair waiting to be taken to I didn’t know where.

on my way up

The lift seemed to go on for ever but eventually reached the top of the mountain.  Looking over the edge it seemed an awful long way down and the sign didn’t help my nerves either,

at the top

Well looking over the edge I felt that is what would happen to me, but having got all the way up here I just had to do it.

down 1

down 2

down 3

Well friends I am so glad I did this it was exhilarating and I laughed and laughed as I sped down the mountain all too soon finding myself back at the bottom.

at the bottom

What a wonderful experience that was and I invite anyone who reads this to give it a try.

I had to reach that coastguard station though before dark or I could find myself in serious trouble, so checking my bearings with my map I set off to walk the considerable distance to the station.

After walking for what seemed like hours I came across a snowman band.  Now it isn’t often you see one of these so I just had to take a photograph.

snowman band

Trudging wearily on and hoping that I had read my map correctly, I was so overjoyed when I found the alpine road I had been looking for.

alpine route

The route here was covered in snow but following the markers I eventually reached Anton Coastguard station where I had been promised accommodation for the evening.


This is really in the middle of nowhere and has helicopter pads and a short runway for small planes to land.  I walked in and was warmly greeted by the staff there who showed me where I could spend the night.

After my exertions of the day I slept the sleep of a very weary traveller.


Snowy Adventure

For my next adventure I wanted to do something completely different from my last trip.  So getting out my map I noticed and huge area of mountains and snow up in the Sansara continent.

sansara This looked like a much more serious undertaking and would need careful planning as disaster could easily overtake me.  Studying the map carefully I saw that there was a sl coastguard station at Miller that I could start from and also get some advice from the experts on what to expect.  It is also where they train their divers in how to survive underwater.

coast guard

They were very helpful and advised me on the best way to reach the mountain area and said that they had another station there where I could get further advice on the local conditions.

The best way to reach it I was told was by boat up a river until I reached an impassable Ice patch then head on foot to the station.  This was indeed going to need a lot of planning.  The river I was told was quite narrow in places so the boat I had used on my last trip would not be suitable.

After some searching I managed to hire a delightful little boat called the Bandit Bambino.

bambino It is available at Dutch Harbor

Unlike my previous trip this will need even more clothes as I will be starting in warm weather clothing but will need to pack lots of warm clothes and skis as I will be doing a lot of walking.

I set off in this pretty outfit from Fiorella as it was hot and sunny when i set off.


I knew it wouldn’t last though so I packed the boat with as much warm weather clothes as I could fit it as well as all the stores I would need for my trip as I didn’t know when I would be able to resupply.

And so I headed out up river following the map the kind man at the coastguard station had given to me.  At first the river was quite wide and easy to navigate.

river 1

Then as I got further upstream it narrowed considerably and the first glimpse of the snow started to appear on the hill tops.


river 2

Pushing on it became increasingly cooler so changed into my warm weather clothes.


It’s an outfit from a company called TaNs that i had bought for the winter last year and felt very warm against my skin.

The journey was pretty along the river and I managed to get a couple of pictures as I sailed along.

river 3

river 4

Then after a long day I arrived at the Ice pack I had been told about.

ice pack


The easy part of my trip was over and it was to become a lot harder from now on, so I rested up here for the night and prepared for the next day.

Day 10

With a heavy heart I upped anchor and headed away from the delightful nature reserve.  Heading East then South I arrived at Toby’s Bayou.  A group of inhabited islands and a delightful store where I purchased a new swimming costume from the store there called Magic Dreams Fashion located at

magic dreams

Inside were more clothes and what girl can resist something new in her wardrobe?


There was even a small section selling mens clothes too.

mens clothes

Also at this location is the DJ’s Blues warehouse formally known as Toby’s Juke Joint.


inside of DJ's

It was closed while I was there, but being a lover of the Blues this is somewhere I need to visit again when it is open.

From here I headed through Cotswolds Sounds Waters and around Myrtle Island I headed East towards the end of my journey at Oyster Cover where I had set off from ten days ago.

It has been a journey of discovery, a chance to see things and visit places I hadn’t known existed until I set off.  A very worthwhile trip.

Back at the start
Back where it all started in Oyster Cove




Day 9

Gulls Wing Nature Reserve

nature reserve
Entrance to the Nature Reserve

I wanted to spend a full day here exploring the reserve as I heard there was so much to see.  Here I am at the start of the trail feeling really excited about what I may see.

The first place to visit is the visitor center which tells you a bit about the different animals you may see on your visit.

visitor center

That really wet my appetite for the day ahead so off i set with my camera to find some of this wildlife and photograph it.   So off I set on the trail photographing everything I could find.

start of trail

And here are the photographs I managed to get:





After a long morning it was time to find a nice place to have lunch and I found a perfect spot by a waterfall.



After a splendid feed it was time to move on and see what else was around.  Not only animals but wild toadstools.





sea gulls


And after all that I arrived back at the visitor center weary but happy with all I had seen and a bit sad that after such a splendid day I would be setting sail away from this place tomorrow.